What is Event Design?

What is Event Design?
July 27, 2020 Trace Kingham
What is Event Design

Whether you’re organizing a personal or professional event, event planning involves a lot of moving pieces. From the venue setup to the speakers, there’s a lot to consider — and that’s not even mentioning catering, which is a whole other chapter. The steps that go into planning an event can be so extensive that the prelude to this process has a name. It’s called event design. But, what — exactly — is event design, and why is it important to the success of your event?

The Role of Event Design

While event design may seem like the same thing as event planning, they are two separate roles. Event design is the process of creating a vision for an event by crafting a blueprint of all the visual details around said occasion to transform your space, while event planning is working out all the logistics of your event.

Think of it like this. Event planning takes into account the number of people that can fit in your venue and the chairs needed, but event design is about decorating your venue and choosing blue chairs because they match the aesthetic of your under-the-sea theme. While event planning may seem more important to the success of your event, you really can’t have one without the other.

How Event Design Works


Event design or styling first requires sitting down and discussing the goal and visions you have for your event. If the event is to bring awareness to a non-profit that has a focus on protecting penguins, then a theme that’s sea-related could be ideal. It’s not necessary to have a theme set in stone, but you should have an idea of what you’re trying to accomplish and some of the logistics in mind that can contribute to the vision of your event.

Using your goal and vision in mind, your event designers will create an event concept board to help illustrate our ideas for your event and how to bring the whole thing together. From the color schemes to the materials, they’ll have a rhyme and reason for each piece.


Once the design strategy has been approved, your event designers will move forward with preparing for the event. From sending out invitations and visiting the venue to hand-crafting the decor and more, your event stylists get to work to make your vision come to life. Your event designers work with you to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day of your event. And, they’ll organize everything to make unloading and setting up easier.


On the day of the event, your event designers will work diligently to get your decor setup and make sure that everything looks polished and ready or your guests to arrive. In some circumstances, this includes managing your vendors and accepting deliveries while you focus on other aspects of the event. Part of implementing also includes tearing down after your event has completed.

What’s included in event design?

What you need from an event designer can vary on the type of event you’re hosting and what vision you have in mind. In general, an event designer considers all visual aspects of your event, such as:

  • Tables, chairs, linens rentals – including the selection of styles, procurement, shipping and handling
  • Room décor — including perimeter, ceiling, entrance, stage set, and site layout
  • Signs and sponsorship recognition within the room(s)
  • Food presentation enhancements and staging style
  • Guest table décor and napkin style, florals, menu, and more
  • Room lighting — including procurement, objectives and implementation, power specs
  • AV requirements and variables for communications during the event
  • The flow of the event program and accommodations
  • Entertainment support
  • Special effects and the safe implementation of effects

How Kingham Creative Events Can Help

Trace Kingham and his team help make your vision a reality with a high attention to detail and years of experience in the event space. Our stylists are experts in refreshing annual events gone stale and bringing to life memorable and lasting experiences. Kingham Creative Events transforms experiences for Fortune 500 companies and large non-profit organizations with dramatic results out of the gate. Contact us today to get help with your next event.