“We’ve Got This!”

“We’ve Got This!”
March 16, 2018 Trace Kingham

As an event management professional, my team and I have been working with the Sykes Enterprise, Inc. organization for a number of years now. In that time, we’ve had the privilege of working on trade shows, strategic client events, quarterly briefings and one of our favorites, the Our Heroes Luncheon. This year, is no exception and it highlights the need for having a true event management expert on your side. Why?

If you’re not familiar, the luncheon honors Hillsborough County First Responders and awards eight high-school seniors from first-responder families with a 4-year scholarship. With over 16 honorees and the eight scholarships, the event has over 1,600 guests in attendance at the Greater Tampa Convention Center. This is the events 24th year.

Just before the planning process was to begin, unexpectedly our internal partner from the organization for this event, whom has planned this event for over 18+ years, wasn’t going to be available as planned. A representative from the organization reached out to discuss the challenges they were facing concerned about the integrity of the event and not familiar with specifics on what needed to get done, and being a professional event strategist, I gleefully exclaimed…”we’ve got this!”

We put the planning process into motion, lots to get done and decisions needing to be made. Keeping the organization abreast of the progress, my team and I got to work. Updating the website, producing invitations, sponsorship request forms, coordinating committee meetings, designing new sets, scripts, negotiating contracts and obtaining signatures as necessary. We took this challenge with our hearts all-in determined to ensure the event continues to be the leading awards program in Tampa Bay!

I share this not to boast, but to demonstrate event management at it’s best. No matter what circumstances your organization is facing, having an event management professional on your side can turn an unexpected circumstance into a “we’ve got this!” experience. No matter what may happen, hiring a professional that understands what needs to occur and in the order for which it needs to happen, will keep your project on target and exceed expectations your organization is looking. In these circumstances, the value an expert can bring to the table can’t be measured.

If you would like more information about the Our Heroes Luncheon event or would like to attend, visit www.tampabayheroes.org for tickets.


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