The First Step to Increasing your Event ROI

The First Step to Increasing your Event ROI
March 8, 2016 Trace Kingham

First Step to Increase Your Event ROI

Before you even start to plan your event –there is one trick you need that will help you to maximize your return on investment. Do this, and every detail you plan thereafter will have a greater impact on your target audience.

You must think like a guest.

To help you develop the experience, put yourself in your guests’ shoes – or high heels for an elegant occasion. Make sure that you are designing an event that reflects your brand mission.

Imagine you are them.

To best connect with your guests, imagine you are them. What does a day in the life of your ideal audience look like? What media or entertainment do they consume? What makes them tick? Get in their mindset and then –and only then—can you begin to plan effectively.

Now that you’re in the right frame of mind, it’s time to remember the golden rule. What would YOU like to experience if you were them? Here’s some questions to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Do you and your guests think alike? If not, how do they think?
  • Do you offer alternatives that they can’t find than other places in the market?
  • Or, do you offer them things that will interest them and give them information that will improve their lifestyle?

Once you discover what will entice your guests, you can start the planning process: Attract, Arrive, Standout, and Crave.

Focus on Feeling

What feeling do you want your guests to have? After all, this isn’t just a dinner, lunch or cocktail. This is an experience.

Defining how you want your guests to feel will affect how you construct your event elements:

  • Attract: What feeling does your invitation give? Is creative or cookie-cutter?
  • Arrive: What does the atmosphere make them feel? Is the high energy music exciting them or does the greeting team make them feel welcomed?
  • Standout: What will your guests remember about your event in 3 years?
  • Crave: When they leave, are you giving them a reason to crave more of you?

Engage, Engage, Engage!

People have more connection with brands that they can experience hands-on, rather than observe. If you could have one call to action for your guests, what would it be? Seriously, think about it. Do you have it? GREAT! Now incorporate that call to action in an interactive activity at your event.

For example, if you have a lingerie company and you are launching your new spring line, have an activity that requires your guests to touch the new materials and fabrics. Now your audience isn’t watching from a far, but engaging with you and your brand.

Think like a guest throughout every aspect of the Event Discovery Process, and watch your ROI rise. As you connect with your audience, you transform your event guests into mission partners.