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By: Beth Pritchard
During my tenure as the CEO of Bath & Body Works,
CEO of Victoria’s Secret Beauty and Founder/CEO of The
White Barn Candle Co., I had the pleasure to work with
an exceptional Event Planner, Trace Kingham. Trace was
not only creative but more importantly, innovative when
growing our businesses both internally for our sales team
and externally for investors.
As our professional relationship grew and we both
eventually moved on from Bath & Body Works, Trace and I
standout-book-cover FINAL smallstayed close through the years. So close in fact that I asked
Trace to manage a complex, multi-day black-tie wedding
for my daughter with 300+ guests from all over the world.
He organized entertainment from New York City, flowers,
cuisine and logistics from widespread locations. Overall,
Trace is the most professional, creative and personable
person to work with and he is an expert financial and
budget manager.

Having Trace handle a personal event for my daughter
speaks to my confidence in his abilities. I am pleased to
see Trace is now brilliantly and generously, sharing these
tools in Standout: Place Your Business In the Spotlight
With Results-Driven Enterprise. As with my events both
professionally and personally, Trace provides up-to-date,
relevant tools that will keep your event on time, on target
and on budget.
I believe organizations need to take a closer look at
how they are engaging their audiences. Whether it be a
for-profit, tying it to a mission or for a product launch,
events are taking on a new relevance in marketing and
communication plan for organizations. You and your
company only have one chance to get it right. This book is
your chance.
About Beth Pritchard
A visionary and strategic leader in the world of retail, Ms. Pritchard has
held a number of senior leadership roles throughout her career.
She spent 12 years at Limited Brands (now Lbrands), serving as
President and CEO of Bath & Body Works. Ms. Pritchard grew a tiny
company based in Columbus, Ohio into a national chain of over 1,600
stores with sales over $2 billion, establishing Bath & Body Works as
the fastest-growing specialty retailer of the decade. During the same
period, Ms. Pritchard served as CEO for The White Barn Candle
Company, which she founded, with sales of $200 million. She also was
CEO of Victoria’s Secret Beauty with sales of $400 million.
Ms. Pritchard served as President and CEO, then Vice-Chairman of Dean
& DeLuca. Ms. Pritchard has brought her American-style specialty retail
knowledge to the operations of Alshaya, a $2.7 billion global operation
with over 70 brands in 19 countries and over 2,600 stores throughout
the Middle East and North Africa, Russia, Turkey and Europe