Problems We Solve

Stale Experience

Has your fundraiser been produced for years with slipping attendance and missing financial goals? If so, our 7-point analysis will review the experience from all points of view (organization, donors, sponsors, guests and market indicators); then our strategists make recommendations to the organization on next steps. Reshape, overhaul or discontinue? We help you make some tough decisions, the long-term impact on the organization could be detrimental if the stale experience isn’t polished! We offer solutions to improve results and give your event a face lift!

Lackluster Staging

We live in a twitter world and audiences don’t have the attention they had 10 years ago. It’s more important than ever to create a dynamic program that will want your guests to take action. No more long speeches from the CEO and even worse; dead silence. With our theatrical background, we provide you with solutions to keep the guests’ attention.

Not Meeting Budget

Our 7-Step Standout system, helps your events meet budget despite external challenges. We show clients that best way to plan the event with a system that is flexible based on fundraising initiatives. Always planning for the best and worst to ensure the organization doesn’t go in the red.

Inexperienced Event Team

Our collaborative consulting program works with existing teams to help them uncover the possibilities with our strategic planning process. We work with organizations of all sizes to help develop their talent to improve outcomes and raise more funds for the organization. Our strategists become a member of your team in a non-threatening approach creating instant value to the organization.

Marketing Doesn't Match Experience

Our team of marketing strategists work with organizations to ensure cohesive messages are well-crafted and define the experience effectively. Marketing efforts are, in most cases, the first impression for your guests to decide to attend or not attend. Our team creates a balance between offering enough, but not overselling to leave some intrigue and excitement for the night of the event.

No Attention To Detail

If you are not a full-time planner, but you are tasked to manage the details of an event, this can create a situation of “too many things to get done in a day.” Our team of strategists can help with a few or all of the details, to free-up your team to focus on their role and not get bogged down. The devil is in the details and if anything is forgotten, it could jeopardize your guests’ event experience.