10 Unforgettable Event Decoration Ideas

10 Unforgettable Event Decoration Ideas
July 23, 2020 Trace Kingham
Event Decoration Ideas

When it comes to planning an event — whether that’s a wedding or a non-profit fundraiser — you want your guests to walk away not only thinking positively about the occasion but also obsessing over it. That’s why your event needs to be fun, impactful, and unforgettable. But, that’s easier said than done. After all, what’s impressive to one guest won’t stand out to all of them. By combining subtlety with impressive, you can create a winning combination that guests may walk away never forgetting.

10 Unforgettable Event Decoration Ideas to Try at Your Next Event

1. Selfie Wall

selfie wall

It may seem like a cliché, but in actuality, your guests love to commemorate the occasion with a photo. Selfie walls can come in a variety of forms, with the easiest being a decorated part of the wall that has enough room for people to gather. The decoration could be everyday items like balloons and tinsel or it could be more vibrant like streamers or flowers. And, if your event feels too sophisticated for a selfie wall, simply don’t point out that it’s a selfie wall. If space allows, your guests will seize the opportunity naturally without you having to call too much attention to it.

2. Food Display

food display

Food can help provide an incentive for guests to attend your event. Food offers another opportunity for a memorable experience that’s picture-perfect — but only if displayed correctly. A food display, when done properly, can entice, intrigue, and impress your guests. Whether it’s cookies that look like pandas for your wildlife fundraiser or a variety of wines provided by your sponsor, displaying food is an innovative way to keep your guests coming back for more.

3. Fan Favorite Foods

fan favorite foods

Perhaps equally as important as the food display, is the food itself. If your event includes dinner or other food, it should be delicious, picturesque, and memorable. But, you don’t have to splurge on shrimp cocktails to impress your guests. Catering that reinvents fan favorites can be enough to have guests running home to recreate what they’ve eaten at your event. And, by keeping it on brand and connecting the food with your theme, you can reinforce the association of the dish with your cause.

4. Living Centerpieces

Living Centerpieces

Your guests may see a lot of visually appealing aspects at your event, but one thing that always seems to stick with them is the decoration on their tables. Maybe, it’s because they spend a large portion of their time at the tables, or maybe it’s where their eyes wander in between speakers. Whatever the reason, your centerpieces should be both pleasing to look at and also not so distracting that they prevent your guests from focusing on your message. One way of accomplishing both is with a flower or succulent.

5. Unique Seating Arrangements

Unique Seating Arrangements

Chairs are a requirement for most events, but that doesn’t mean they have to be basic and boring. And, it also doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice comfort for style. By getting creative with your seating arrangement and chair options, you can minimize neck straining and give your guests an experience they can remember at their next event — when they’re feeling back pain and thinking longingly of your chairs.

6. Backdrops That Slay

Backdrops That Slay

Whether you have a speaker, a band, or other panelists on-stage, having a background that is attractive but not too distracting can attract and impress your audience. Your backdrop should follow your theme, but it can also be an interactive piece to your event. LED backgrounds can enhance your presentation when done properly. If your event is more environmentally conscious, you may consider plant-based backdrops.

7. Goodies That Are Seriously Good

Goodies That Are Seriously Good

If you’ve ever been to a conference with vendors, then you’ve probably received the bag full of swag with company name-branded stress balls, pens, and external chargers. But, to make a more lasting impression, you don’t have to splurge on takeaways. Instead, tie into your event brand with something that reinforces your message. If you’re fundraising for the American Red Cross, partner with a local business to give discounts when people donate blood. Then, you can give them the discount card as a takeaway, and they leave with an actionable way to contribute to your cause.

8. Get Interactive

Get Interactive

If your event is speaker-driven, then creating aspects where your audience can interact can really help create a memorable experience. And, technology is making it easier now more than ever to do this. Whether it’s creating a live poll that people can interact with on their phones or setting up a tablet outside of the main room where people can write their questions or create hashtags for the event, the possibilities are endless — as is the fun. Just make sure whatever you do, it stays on brand.

9. Queue the Lights

Queue the Lights

Lights have a way of drawing your audience’s attention and making an impact on what could be a simple arrangement. When used appropriately, it can help make a lasting impression on your guests. If you’re fundraising for an animal preserve or other non-profit, creating 3D replicas of animals using light and a projector can be a great way for guests to interact with fake animals and create social opportunities for your cause.

10. Let the Venue Do the Talking

Let the Venue Do the Talking

Sometimes, you don’t need the fanciest venue to make the most lasting impression. Instead, you can make the most of the venues that project your message. If you’re looking to raise money to prevent deforestation, then a venue with windows showing trees and other shrubs could be the best visual to get your point across. By finding a venue that speaks to your cause, you can reiterate your message and incorporate the scene into your decor in a natural and simple way.

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