3 Event Exit Strategies to Leave Your Guests Craving More

3 Event Exit Strategies to Leave Your Guests Craving More
November 18, 2015 Trace Kingham

By: Cylie Svartoien, Marketing Specialist, Kingham Signature Events

Send your guests off craving more. The end of your event should really be an invitation for them to return to you again, whether through business or contributing to your mission. Whatever the case, you want to be sure you create an experience as your guests depart your event wanting –rather needing—more. Carry the experience forward, not just at the end of the experience, keep it living well beyond the event.

Leave your mark.  Branded

Branding is more than instilling your name with your audience –it’s about inspiring them with your company culture. Excite them with your passion and mission so much so that they want to join you NOW. When they get in their car to drive home, they should be on fire with the excitement you’re your jaw-dropping event, as well as the excitement of your ambitious operation. How will you spark that fire? It’s time to get creative.

Go out with a bang.

Awe them. Your guests should leave the event feeling like they have experienced something novel, as opposed to just another holiday party, fundraising gala or premiere event. What are you going to do to stand out? Ten years from now, when they look back at your building dedication, what is the one thing they will remember? They might not remember your delectable food, but they will definitely remember the zip line where your guest of honor flew in from the sky. Think bigger – the sky is the limit!

Crave for more

While your event might be limited to a one-time experience, your customers are not. The goal is to bring them back again and again and again– and for them to bring their circle of influence, too! You want them to come back, so how do you do that? You leave them wanting—no CRAVING—more. More of you, more of your product or service, more of your mission.

Leave them wanting to return to:

  • Get more information
  • Order your product service
  • Partner with your mission
  • Write a check to support your operation
  • Stay up to date on your progress

The end of your event shouldn’t be the end of their experience with you; send them on their way with a wow factor that sets them on fire for your mission and leaves them craving more of you. Your sendoff is not the end, it’s just until next time.