About Us

We make your vision a reality – fitting all values, visions and budgets.

 Our founder, Trace Kingham, is an event planning expert producing experiences for 20+ years and author of STANDOUT: Place Your Business in the Spotlight with Results-Driven Experiences.  Trace has transformed experiences for Fortune 500 Companies and large non-profit organizations with dramatic results out of the gate.

With a well-crafted analysis process, Trace and his team provide organizations with recommendations to improve their overall experience programming at every level of the organization. With coaching from the top-level down to the individual planner on your team. Trace delivers effective disciplines that will take your experience to the next level. From immediate implementation, your company will realize tangible results.

Turn your experiences programs into the vehicle that will drive your business, improve employee satisfaction and bring your organization into the Spotlight.

Why should you partner with Kingham Signature Experiences?

This is not our experience – It’s yours.

Customized and personalized – built specifically for you!

We agree on measurable outcomes and deliver – guaranteed!

We are strategy experts in:

Refreshing existing events

Maximizing the possibilities for a new event

Capitalizing on resources for greater return on investment (ROI)

Balancing budgets and results for fiscal responsibility

Improving stakeholder engagement and managing expectations

Managing with efficient planning tools

Producing results for future success

Bringing to life memorable and lasting experiences