4 Pillars of Event Planning

4 Pillars of Event Planning
February 18, 2016 Trace Kingham

4 Pillars of Event Planning

These pillars have stood the test of time to pull off unforgettable, milestone events. They will help enhance your event by maximizing the four main experience checkpoints. When you can masterfully pull off each checkpoint with panache and style, you will see your return on investment skyrocket!

Pillar 1: ATTRACT

When it comes hosting an event, understanding your audience is essential so that you can best know how to entice them. What do you want them to know about the event, and how can you present that to them?

When it comes to the invitation, it’s more than just inviting the masses and assuming they will come. Introduce them to the event by giving them a sneak peek at your WOW factor that will encourage them to take action and RSVP to your event.

In many cases, clients that are simply invited are skeptical about the experience, because they’re limited on time and resources to attend your event. If there’s a there’s a charge for your event, they may be hesitant to spend their valuable dollars. What would make it worth their time? You must impress them very quickly with the language, pictures or format of your invitation. Time to get creative!


Pillar 2: ARRIVE

This is one of the most left out components that event planners or organizations dismiss.

The arrival is the second impression of the event: the first is the invitation, and the second is the entrance. It’s important that guests are stimulated from the very moment they approach your event. Whether you place proper signage at the valet or something more extravagant – like horse and carriage ride from parking to the event – it’s essential to create an amazing arrival experience, because that is what will drive your guest’s impression of YOU and the event.


Pillar 3: STAND OUT

How do you make your event stand out from others? The answer is simply said, yet more challenging to pull off: utilize your event’s best experience strategy.

What that means is incorporating opportunities to engage your audience, which should all be tied back to the purpose of your event. Exceed your guests’ expectations in every component, and’re on your on your way to creating a higher return on your investment.

Spice up event experiences by including an entertainment or educational component or simply adding lounge seating. Every detail in how you set up your event should link back to the underlying purpose of the project.

For numerous ideas and real examples of how to make your events stand out, check out my new book Standout: Place Your Business in the Spotlight with Results-Driven Events.


Pillar 4: CRAVE

Finally, the fourth CRAVE pillar includes mastering their exit experience. When done correctly, the crave stage will create an opportunity where you can interact the guest at your event in the future and create an experience that engages your target audience with you and your brand.

To really rock this pillar, make sure to look at all the components that will excite your l audience. What will you do that leaves an extra special touch?

Maybe you use your valet company. During the event, leave a take-away message in the car – perhaps it’s a newsletter with a gift sitting on the driver’s seat. When the valet driver delivers their car, they will be pleasantly surprised and leave the event thinking about you.

Find a way in which you can WOW your guests, but also make sure they know you’ll be reaching out after the event. This is the first attempt at securing a guest to become a loyal member of your organization.


Organizations that master each pillar checkpoint understand how to turn their guests into mission partners, which skyrockets their event ROI. With strategy, panache and expertise, your brand will profit from your event.

One chance to get it right.