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March 2016

5 Minutes to Boost Your Guest Experience

5 minutes to boost guest experience


By Trace Kingham

Yesterday, I was talking to group of planners at the University of South Florida, and we touched on the topic of inconsistent attendance from year to year. Many of us have been there—one year you have 500 guests and the next you have 300 RSVPs. How do you retain and gain guests? We have a simple, 5-minute mental process for you that will boost your guest experience and have them returning – with their friends and colleagues!

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The First Step to Increasing your Event ROI

First Step to Increase Your Event ROI

Before you even start to plan your event –there is one trick you need that will help you to maximize your return on investment. Do this, and every detail you plan thereafter will have a greater impact on your target audience.

You must think like a guest.

To help you develop the experience, put yourself in your guests’ shoes – or high heels for an elegant occasion. Make sure that you are designing an event that reflects your brand mission.

Imagine you are them.

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Turning Guests into Mission Partners

Guests into Mission Partners

By Cylie Svartoien, with excerpts from Standout by Trace Kingham

For years, the typical event experience resembled a night at the theater: guests arrive only to sit down and turn their attention to the stage. If it’s a typical event, the show might feature a speaker and possibly even a video. Now, the audience wants to be heard, too. With all of the advances in event technology, there is no excuse for not including your guests in the conversation.

Guests are no longer satisfied with watching an event-they want to experience it.  People are looking to be involved in the event, switching the stage to the guests and giving them a voice. So how are you engaging your guests?

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