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November 2015

3 Event Exit Strategies to Leave Your Guests Craving More

By: Cylie Svartoien, Marketing Specialist, Kingham Signature Events

Send your guests off craving more. The end of your event should really be an invitation for them to return to you again, whether through business or contributing to your mission. Whatever the case, you want to be sure you create an experience as your guests depart your event wanting –rather needing—more. Carry the experience forward, not just at the end of the experience, keep it living well beyond the event.

Leave your mark.  Branded

Branding is more than instilling your name with your audience –it’s about inspiring them with your company culture. Excite them with your passion and mission so much so that they want to join you NOW.

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Mad Dash to the Finish: 6 Common Event Planning Mistakes

Mad Dash to the Finish: 6 Common Event Planning Mistakes

6 Common Event Planning Mistakes

By: Trace Kingham, President & Chief Experience Officer, Kingham Signature Events

When you’re planning an event, does it feel as if you suddenly become overwhelmed with tasks that leave you rushing to the finish line? More than likely it’s due to six mistakes that most make leading up to the event.

  1. Not writing down everything you need to accomplish leading up to your event.

If you don’t create a check list, you are going to forget something, and end up at the last minute spinning to get it done.  This list will grow as you go through the planning process, by capturing all the tasks at the beginning of the process, you’re going to be in a better position a few days prior and not in scramble mode.

  1. Deadline setting.
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